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21-06-2023 21:20

Veronica Van Saften

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The first time you try to paint with fluid acrylics nothing goes as you think!

Since I was a child, my greatest passion has been drawing. Pencils, markers, tempera and brushes… for me everything that could be used to draw or paint was like gold! I would have burned 1000 dolls for a pen!

I've always experimented with new techniques, from pencil to oil painting, with some ups and downs, but I've never lost my creative vein.

Then one day I discovered Fluid Art… and everything changed! Art was no longer a simple pastime!


“I started from scratch! Without basics, without knowing the techniques… I just wanted to try!”

-Veronica Van Saften-

I don't remember what I was trying to do, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

I even had the presumption of using a pretty large canvas, convinced that the result would be as I imagined it. Instead…

It was 2019 and various Fluid Art videos were starting to become popular on Instagram and Youtube.

Entranced by the incredible effects I saw, I immediately wanted to try it.

I took the acrylics I had at home, some I admit… taken from the Chinese shop… and mixed them with water to make them fluid.

Then I poured them on the canvas, without strategy, totally at random and always at random, he started tilting the canvas and moving it back and forth without even knowing what I was doing… the colors mixed and didn't cover the whole surface because, obviously like all those who trying these techniques for the first time, I was very careful not to prepare too much color, so as not to 'spend too much', and in fact it wasn't enough.

I remember taking a piece of plastic from the canvas wrapper and dabbing the paint around as if using a sponge.

It makes me smile every time I see this picture again, because I remember perfectly what I thought a few days after doing it.

At first I was enthusiastic but then, looking at it well, I realized that it wasn't what I wanted to do at all and I realized that acrylic pouring wasn't exactly as easy as it seemed!

From that moment, with ups and downs, I began to experiment, to follow the tutorials of American artists and to practice almost every day and today I can proudly say that I have learned, understood and even customized most of the acrylic casting techniques!

However, the path was not easy! How much color I would have saved if I had known how to prepare it, what to use and how to perform the techniques right away!

That's why I decided to teach everything I know to anyone who wants to approach this wonderful artistic world.

Fluid painting is spectacular and believe me… IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

When I'm in my studio the whole world stops and there's just me and the color!

It's an almost meditative moment that gives me satisfaction like nothing else!

I know how much frustration you feel when color goes your way and the result we wanted to achieve doesn't come!

If you want to save time, money and frustration you need to start with the knowledge base. When you know what to do everything goes right!



FLUID ART: Basic Techniques | Van Saften's Academy (

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